Pullout was ill-advised

Even as President Barack Obama was bragging in December 2011 about withdrawing U.S. combat troops from Iraq, skeptics warned the pullout was ill-advised – and far from complete. Thousands of Americans, including about 5,500 at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, remained in harm’s way.

Last week, Obama authorized sending nearly 300 combat troops to Iraq “to secure U.S. assets.” In truth, they are there to provide a thin shield for Americans, should a vicious Sunni Muslim army score more victories against Iraqi soldiers. Also being considered is deployment of 100 U.S. special forces troops to “train and advise” Iraqi forces.

Where have we heard those words before?

The reality is that Americans in Iraq have been under increased risk since December 2011. U.S. involvement there is not over.

If the Sunni army is not stopped, it will overrun areas of Iraq containing Americans. They will be in great peril.

And if any of them are killed – in combat or by execution – they will be just as dead as if Obama had never proclaimed the U.S. role in fighting in Iraq had ended.

Meanwhile, Obama is preparing for another “withdrawal,” from Afghanistan.


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