Vigilance necessary

Thousands of people participated in or watched the Boston Marathon along its route Monday. Some of those people were from our area.

What should have been another enjoyable contest and celebration instead turned into a horrible tragedy at the hands of a sinister person or people who set bombs near the finish line. As of this morning, three people are reported dead and nearly 150 injured, some gravely, after two bombs exploded.

This deadly incident is a grim reminder of the presence of evildoers among us. We don’t yet know whether the bombs were set by domestic or foreign terrorists, or by a depraved criminal, but we do know we can’t let our guard down, especially at major public events.

For many of us, the images from Monday’s twin bomb blasts brought back the gut-wrenching emotions from Sept. 11, 2001. These are emotions we don’t want to relive, but ones we never will forget.

People who are intent on killing masses of people can find ways to mix with crowds at major gatherings. The deed is easier when events are outside in the streets.

Monday’s events remind us we must remain vigilant. People must keep their eyes and ears open and speak up when something seems suspicious. We must stay alert. The killers and murderous terrorists aren’t going away.

Our hearts go out to Monday’s injured and the families of those who died in Boston.