Road threats still plentiful

A look at the forecast shows spring may finally be here to stay, so area motorists can relax a little behind the wheel, right? Not exactly.

Spring brings about its own problems for drivers, two of which are potholes and flooding.

Thousands of drivers with flat tires caused by potholes each spring require help, and the Red Cross cautions motorists that we’ve reached flash-flood season.

Combine less-than-ideal road conditions with an increased number of pedestrians enjoying the outdoors, and the potential for danger is on the rise. Throw motorcycles into the mix, and drivers need to be on their toes every bit as much as they were during the winter.

The spring roadway threats may not be as obvious as winter’s snow-covered pavement, but they have the same potential to cause harm.

Whether on foot, riding a bike or motorcycle, or behind the wheel this spring, people need to pay attention to their surroundings. Accidents happen all year – not just during the winter.