Tax rebate’s timing odd

Given how much New York state taxes residents, we tend to support measures that lower taxes or at least give money back to the taxpayers.

However, it’s sad to see how state lawmakers can twist a good idea and turn it into what has the appearance of a bribe.

New York’s tentative $135 billion budget deal reached Wednesday includes many provisions.

One that caught our eye is a tax rebate of about $350 for families with at least one child and a household income of $40,000 to $300,000.

While not huge, that money would certainly be appreciated – especially by families bringing in closer to $40,000 than $300,000.

The checks won’t flow, however, until at least 2014, an election year for some state lawmakers, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

We find it hard to believe this idea could not have been included in prior budgets. This is money people could use sooner rather than later.

Would it really be impossible for the state to give people a similar amount of money this year? Better yet, why not lower taxes to save those same families about $350 and skip the check entirely.