Letters to the editor — 9/21/2021

Letters to the Editor

Columnist a hypocrite In his July 30 editorial (“Biden’s ambitions imperiled”) in The Leader-Herald Jules Witcover, a nationally syndicated columnist, stated, “Biden has pressed the nation’s pharmaceutical industry to develop and produce an immense quantity of certified effective ...

Letters to the editor — 9/16/2021

Letters to the Editor

Broadalbin library proposal deserves support It is upsetting and disappointing to learn that local officials show such little support for the expansion of the Broadalbin Library Station into a public library. As I read recent articles about the issue, I thought about the influence that ...

Letters to the editor — 9/15/2021

Letters to the Editor

Kudos in order for activity in downtown Gloversville Just wanted to take a moment and say “Great Job” to the Gloversville Development Committee and Mayor Vince DeSantis as well as the Micropolis Development Group for what is going on in downtown Gloversville. I was feeling a bit down and ...

Letters to the editor — 9/6/2021

Letters to the Editor

Time for Universal Basic Income in U.S. Recent news headlines declared that 89% of Rental Assistant Funds had not yet been distributed. Tied up in an ineffective bureaucracy, people in need are left wanting. Andrew Yang, recent presidential and New York City mayoral candidate, proposed ...

Library deserves support from officials

Op-Ed Columns

About two to three weeks ago, The Leader-Herald published an article regarding the plight of the non-profit Broadalbin Library. While it was a reasonably balanced article, it did not fully address what I consider the core issues at this time. Because the library will lose its building in ...

Letters to the editor — 8/20/2021

Letters to the Editor

School districts need leadership on COVID You are on your own! Our state leaders are abdicating their responsibilities by shuffling off to local school districts and health departments matters of statewide public safety. State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker is urging school districts ...