Randy Drake

Randy Drake born on March 25, 1957, passed away at Albany Medical Center on Sunday, November 24 2019. Randy was a Florida native, however he spent the later part of his life in upstate New York. Randy spent much of his younger years in his family’s Florida restaurant business, where he obtained his love for cooking as well as sharing his cooking creations with friends or patrons. Randy had a wonderful talent and love for music. Randy was an accomplished pianist and enjoyed playing for anyone who would pull up a chair, sit and listen. He enjoyed visiting as well as encouraging anyone he met on his way and never refused to help any person or animal in need. His laugh was loud and strong and his heart was full of compassion for others. Randy had a talent for knowing how to always make you smile even if you didn’t want to.

Even though Randy will be sadly missed by all of those who had the blessing of sharing time with him, he wants us all to move forward and enjoy our own journeys and adventures. Randy wants his friends to be assured that when you hear the smooth sounds of someone playing a piano remember him with smiles for he’s pulled up a chair as well and is listening.

If anyone would like to make a financial contribution in Randy’s honor, can do so by donating to your local school’s music program or by help supporting a young musician in your family or neighborhood.