Church to give back to the communities

FULTONVILLE — The pandemic has been especially difficult and devastating on local businesses. The church’s outreach committee would like to give back to the communities that continue to support the church. Even though the building was destroyed by fire four years ago, the committee continues to meet, stronger than ever in their adversary, according to a news release.

Consequentially, the Fonda-Fultonville United Methodist Community Outreach Committee is doing a mission to highlight businesses in the communities of Fonda and Fultonville, by putting out decorative rocks that adults and children can find outside which will have a phone number to call to claim prizes, gift certificates or money given by a local business. On Thursday, the committee will put out 15 rocks in Fonda and 15 rocks in Fultonville, where anyone is walking along, and will be visibly placed on the ground. The event will continue until all 30 rocks are found.


Starting at $4.15/week.

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