County anticipates deal for project

JOHNSTOWN — Fulton County government is anticipating signing an agreement with National Grid for electrical, communications services for a new cell tower project on county Department of Solid Waste property.

Department Director David Rhodes received approval on Wednesday from the Board of Supervisors’ Public Works Committee to have board Chairman Jack Callery sign an easement with the utility company.

The full board is due to take action June 14.

“I’m just looking for authorization on that,” Rhodes told supervisors.

He noted the Board of Supervisors on Nov. 12, 2019 approved a lease agreement with New Cingular Wireless to build a cell tower at the DSW property.

The project’s goal is to improve: communications for emergency response capability in the county, Department of Solid Waste operations of its GPS system equipment, and cell phone coverage.

Rhodes said the easement would allow the utility, which he referred to as the “Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.,” access for installing underground lines for repair, maintenance and operational purposes.

The easement would be on a portion of 618 County Highway 116.

Rhodes said County Attorney Jason Brott reviewed the easement and “has no issues.”

Elsewhere in his operations report, Rhodes said the county’s demolition trailer interior work was completed and put into use.

“Two demolitions have been done do far,” he said.

Rhodes said the demolition of 93 Fremont St. in Gloversville was done May 17-19, resulting in 147.55 tons of construction and demolition debris or 17 loads and at a cost of $3,688. He the demolition of 49 Burr St. in Gloversville was completed May 24-25, resulting in 128.97 tons or 14 loads and at a cost of $3,223.

He was asked how many projects are currently on the Fulton County Demolition Team to-do list, but he didn’t have the figure readily available.

A single stream recyclables compactor was installed at the Caroga Transfer Station, he said.

“That completes all the installs,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes reported Spring Clean Up programs were completed with these garbage ton figures: Perth – 104.62 tons; Bleecker – 22.8; Johnstown – 27.59; and Mayfield – 30.29. Costs for each municipality were: Perth – $5,979; Bleecker – $2,008; Johnstown – $3,774; and Mayfield – $1,706.

Rhodes also noted the Fulton County Latex Paint Exchange is now open on Saturdays only, starting June 5 and ending on Aug. 28.


Starting at $4.15/week.

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