Historian researching area veterans’ organizations

JOHNSTOWN — Fulton County Historian Samantha Hall-Saladino has been researching the history of veterans organizations in the area.

In her monthly report to the Board of Supervisors’ Economic Development & Environment Committee, she alluded to the research.

At the request of county Veterans Director Dan Engel, she researched and compiled a list of Fulton County veteran organizations whose post names include the name of a veteran from the post-Civil War Grand Army of the Republic, through the still-active posts like the Gloversville and Broadalbin American Legions and the Broadalbin VFW Post.

Hall-Saladino said the work was part of the local effort to honor these men and for their possible inclusion in the Hometown Heroes banner program in downtown Gloversville. She said she will continue to add to the list as necessary.

Continuing her report, Hall-Saladino noted she gave two presentations in March. She gave one March 4 to the Mohawk Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution titled, “Service on the Home Front: Rationing in WWII.”

She also gave a March 10 presentation — “Remember the Ladies: Brief Biological Sketches of Fulton County Women” — for the Johnstown Public Library.

“This talk, as well as past presentations I have given for the library, are available under the videos tab on their Facebook page,” Hall-Saladino said.

In celebration of Women’s History Month in March, Hall-Saladino researched, wrote and published four posts for the blog. The posts were: “Women’s Rights Activist and Educator: Lou E. Young,” “The New York Bloomer Girls at Parkhurst Field,” “A Founding Mother: Molly Brat,” and “Creatives on Canada Lake: Mabel and Margaret Widdemer.”

Hall-Saladino said these and all past posts can be found at: fultoncountyhistorian.wordpress.com.

The county historian also reported she has begun planning short videos that can be uploaded to a Fulton County Historian YouTube channel, which hasn’t been created yet.

“I’ve written the scripts for two of these and am in the middle of working on a third,” Hall-Saladino said. “I plan to use my personal camera and tripod to film, but am looking into the cost of an inexpensive lavalier mic for office use.”

She said filming and voice-over recording for the first video was to begin soon.


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