Rowback to run for Gloversville mayor

Councilman-at-large William Rowback Jr., announced Tuesday that he is running for Gloversville mayor. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara)

GLOVERSVILLE — Councilman-at-Large William Rowback Jr. will be vying for mayor, running against incumbent Vincent DeSantis.

Rowback made the announcement on Tuesday in front of Gloversville City Hall that he is running for mayor.

“I’m announcing, I’m running for mayor in the City of Gloversville and I ask for your vote on Nov. 2,” Rowback said.

He said over the years he has spoken to city residents about their concerns that need to be addressed in the city weekly. He looks forward to speaking with, and working with city residents and how they feel the city is doing.

“Our city could do so much better when we work together,” Rowback said. “As a team, working together, we will accomplish our dreams for a better city for us and for generations to come.”

Shown is Wayne Peters who announced Tuesday that he is running for Gloversville Common Councilman-at-large. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara)

Rowback said his priorities include lowering taxes and looking to create jobs. He also would like for there to be more transparency when the city council is making decisions that affect everyone in the city.

“City business should not be discussed behind closed doors. We need open communication,” Rowback said.

He said he plans on holding town hall meetings four times a year to be able to listen to city residents.

“Our accomplishments will be a team effort from our residents, the administration, the common council, police, fire and DPW.

He said having open lines of communication between local and state officials is a necessity to help the community with secure grants, bringing in business and for legislation to hear concerns that will affect the city.

“I will be the mayor for the people,” Rowback said. “I will roll up my sleeves and work for all the residents.”

Rowback said he can always be reached at williamrowbackjunior@rowbackformayor on Facebook, or he can be called at (518) 307-1529.

Rowback ran for mayor in 2017 and was defeated by Dayton King. Rowback said he believes he will win this time “because I’m going to be a mayor for the people.”

He said he is going to listen to the people and there will be more open communication between residents and the common council.

Although the common council recently opened an investigation into the “affairs and conduct” of the councilman-at-large, Rowback believes that will not affect his campaign.

“Everything was hearsay, I don’t even know what I’m being investigated for, they haven’t even told me,” Rowback said. “They have not come out with a final decision yet.”

He expects the decision will be out in a couple days.

Also making an announcement on Tuesday was Wayne Peters, Fulton County Sheriff’s K-9 handler who is running for councilman-at-large. He will be running against Lashawn Hawkins, the organizer of protests against police violence, and founder of I Can Breathe and I Will Speak Inc.

“I, like Mr. Rowback, believe in keeping the people informed, that this is our city,” Peters said.

He also said there should be very little happening behind closed doors.


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