Recyclable revenues up over ’19

JOHNSTOWN — Fulton County’s recycling revenue increased by $112,749 last year from the previous year partially due to an upswing in recycling markets, officials heard recently.

County Department of Solid Waste Director David Rhodes noted the figure during his review of his department’s 2020 annual report presented at the Board of Supervisors’ Public Works Committee meeting.

Rhodes said recycling revenue was up by $112,749 partly due to boosted recycling markets. The recycling market has been down in recent years. He said the jump is also due to an increase in the bulk metal quantities and price paid per ton. He said there was $75,524 more in bulk metal revenue than the previous year.

Rhodes also mentioned in the annual report that Fulton County in 2020 received 141,277 tons of municipal, commercial and industrial refuse. The county also received 4,286 tons of contaminated soils and alternate daily cover for a grand total of 145,563 tons in 2020.

Disposal-related revenue was about $6.9 million last year, the report said.

The large load category — 25 tons or larger — brought in 51,833 tons. Other categories supporting the Department of Solid Waste operation included: out-of-county sludges — 4,595 tons with $309,496 in revenue; and out-of-county waste from permitted haulers — 12,142 tons for $772,856 in revenue (up 217 tons from 2019).

All out-of-county contracts brought in $3.5 million for 2020.

Sale of electricity from the county landfill on Mud Road from the landfill gas-to-electric plant brought in $163,431. The total to date is nearly $2.4 million from electric sales. Carbon credit sales in 2020 totaled $182,427, which represented captured credits since 2017.

Rhodes said a total of 14.3 million gallons of leachate was pumped in 2020 — down 4.5 million gallons from the previous year.

A total of 156 tons of electronics were recycled in 2020 – up 15 tons from 2019.

Grant reimbursements of $33,010 were received last year, for recycling education.

A total of 196,453 residential loads came in to all transfer stations in 2020 – up by 8,883 from the previous year.

Six houses were demolished by the Fulton County Demolition Team in 2020, and the county assisted the city of Gloversville with a site at 70 Division St.

The committee voted to accept the report for submission to the Board of Supervisors.


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