IDA sets forth 2021 goals

JOHNSTOWN — The Fulton County Industrial Development Agency recently prioritized its board goals for 2021.

At its Jan. 12 2021 annual meeting, the DA board had identified potential goals for 2021: One — identify potential sites for redevelopment and conduct desktop assessments on them; two — contact National Grid to see if there’s ways to expedite any hurdles for potential projects; three — conduct a summit with the IDA’s economic development partners; four — develop new revenue streams for the IDA; and five — conduct board training.

IDA Executive Director James Mraz at the board’s February meeting again broached the topic of goals.

Mraz told the board he thought goals one, three and five were “most attainable.” It was noted by the board that goal three — a summit — might potentially wait until after the COVID-19 pandemic had lessened.

Board member Mike Fitzgerald discussed the Tryon Technology Park in Perth, which the IDA owns and is in a continuous state of development. He asked if the board can designate certain lots for 911 addresses. He suggested properties be subdivided so 911 addresses can be affixed.

Mraz said the Tryon parcels currently have “floating lot lines” that are not set in concrete yet. Even though the IDA wishes to sell parcels, he said certain addresses can’t be fully designated if the agency doesn’t know yet how large the lots will be.

He said the IDA can talk to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office in the future, however, about establishing permanent 911 addresses.

Board member David D’Amore said there are “priorities” among the proposed goals. He said goal two — contact National Grid to see if there’s ways to expedite any hurdles for potential projects — should be dealt with “as we can.”

He said the fourth goal — develop new revenue streams for the IDA – is restrictive due to “statutory limitations.” He suggested goals one,two, three and five.

Board member Todd Rulison suggested the IDA keep the National Grid goal on the list, for which board Chairman Joseph Semione said he would contact state Assemblyman Robert Smullen.

Ultimately, the board decided to have goals one, three and five listed as “higher” goals; and two and four as “lower” priorities.

In other business, D’Amore gave the Audit Committee’s monthly bank reconciliation report.

“There wasn’t a lot of account activity in the month of January,” D’Amore said.

In a Fulton County Center for Regional Growth report, it was noted that Benjamin Moore & Co. in Johnstown is circulating job availability throughout the area because of its expansion.

Mraz said Betsy Emery of Emery Designs will hopefully review the updated IDA website at the board’s March meeting.

He reported that the IDA’s sale of property on the south side of County Highway 107 was completed on Jan. 11. Keys to buildings were turned over to new owner David Huckans.


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