Council hires company for trash pick-up

GLOVERSVILLE –The Gloversville Common Council voted 5-2 in favor to award Twin Bridges Waste and Recycling, LLC, a one-year contract with the option for renewal. The company will save the city what Mayor Vincent DeSantis calls a substantial amount in residential trash pickup.

“Every resident will receive one container at no cost. There will be continued outreach to the community about this. The contractor will be doing mailings to make people familiar with this before it starts. It is a significant benefit to the public,” said DeSantis.

Councilwoman Ellen Anadio questioned the mayor and council on whether they have educated the public enough on the change, resulting in her vote of no, along with Councilman-at-Large, William Rowback, Jr.

“I have spoken about this numerous times. We have been talking about this for months and I think people understand the concept. Everyone getting free pickup will continue getting pickup free of charge. There really is no downside to this,” said Desantis.

Anadio argued that she believes the public was not informed enough.

“Before voting on this, residents should hear all the information about it . I just think we should make it public before we pass this resolution. I think the people have a right to know,” said Anadio.

DeSantis said there will be two informative Facebook Live posts on the webpage that will be describing in detail how the new service works over the next few years. The posts will be available to residents to watch at their convenience.

” I believe we will have adequate time over the next two months to get this rolled out to the people, and make sure that they understand how this is going to work. I will be on there giving all the details. The actual privatization will not take place until May,” said DeSantis.

Twin Bridges Waste and Recycling, LLC, will provide a weekly collection of solid waste for all single-family, two-family and three-family dwellings, with each household’s garbage collected curbside once per week. The company will provide the service at no cost to the owner, provide each dwelling unit with a 95-gallon roll-cart, or other appropriate size chart if requested by the property owner. The company, based out of Halfmoon, will provide residents with a city-approved brochure or door hanger attached to each cart aimed to educate residents about the new program. The initial term of the contract will run from May 1 through April 30, 2022.

The council also passed a resolution accepting the proposal from Elan Planning, Landscape Architecture and Engineering, D.P.C., for professional engineering and certification work for the proposed spray park and splash pad and other Trail Station Park site improvements. The city received a grant from the New York state Office of Parks and Recreation and Historic Preservation to expand Trail Station Park. The expansion will run in an easterly direction to an area bounded by Frontage Road on the east and West Fulton Road on the south.

Planned improvements include walking paths, a spray pad, a children’s play area, sidewalk improvements, fence installation, improvements to the pedestrian bridge over the Cayadutta Creek for ADA compliance, crosswalks connecting the park expansion area across West Fulton Street at the FJ&G Rail Trail, Kingsboro Apartments and at Church Street, and landscaping including pedestrian lighting. The city is hoping to have the project completed by July 4.

Other business included, Mayor De Santis appointing, with board approval, Lashawn Hawkins to the Gloversville Housing Authority Board with a term ending Dec 7, 2025. The council also approved the DeSantis appointment of Matthew Capano to the Gloversville Board of Water Commissions. Since this is an elected position, Capano’s term will end Dec 31, 2021.


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