City intends to crackdown on loitering trucks outside Johnstown Industrial Park

JOHNSTOWN — City government says it intends to crackdown on truckers loitering inside or near the outside of the Johnstown Industrial Park.

Mayor Vern Jackson said the issue of public safety and littering has become so bad he will be instructing the city Police Department to crack down further and issue more tickets. There will also be more signage to catch the attention of violators. The industrial park trucks issue was the subject of discussion at two recent Common Council meetings on Feb. 15 and 18.

Jackson said the city has received ongoing complaints from the public about “truck traffic” lining into the Johnstown Industrial Park. Many of the trucks are waiting to get into the massive Walmart Regional Distribution Facility, which has no truck staging area.

The mayor said there were 21 trucks parked on one recent day.

“Walmart has no facility allowing these trucks to park in their lot,” Jackson said.

He said the city needs to start setting up barricades and ticketing truck drivers.

“They line up for their particular time to get in,” he said.

He said many of the drivers won’t stay at the truckstop in Fultonville.

Jackson told the council he was now “leaning toward ticketing these drivers.” Discussed was installation of a possible camera system, for which Walmart would pay for.

“Maybe that’s the way to go,” said 3rd Ward Councilwoman Amy Praught, who made the suggestion.

Councilman-at-Large Craig Talarico said fines are about $250 and asked whether that was “punitive enough.”

In addition to parking illegally, Jackson said some truckers will urinate in a soda bottle and throw the bottles into the brush at or near the industrial park. At any given time, he said there are nine to 10 Walmart trucks lines up to enter the facility, but there are other trucks too from places such as FAGE USA.

Jackson said there remains a “serious” safety issue with all this activity.


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