Survey can now be accessed by all

GLOVERSVILLE — An online survey released this week by the Gloversville Police Department Reform and Reinvention Collaborative Committee seeking public input for the department’s forthcoming police reform plan has been updated to allow responses from non-city residents.

The community survey launched online on Tuesday was developed by the Gloversville Police Department Reform and Reinvention Collaborative Committee that was formed over the winter in response to the executive order signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in June requiring all police agencies to draft reform plans with community input for adoption by localities by April 1.

Results of the 15-question survey focused on locals’ opinions surrounding city police conduct and suggested changes will be used to inform the department’s state mandated police reform plan.

The final plan put forward by city police and the reform committee for possible adoption by the Common Council will determine the role of police in responding to certain situations, set police policies and standards and establish community-oriented leadership, culture and accountability.

Initial survey questions center on determining the demographic of respondents, with the first questions asking survey takers if they are a resident of the city. When the survey was released on Tuesday anyone who answered that they are not a city resident was excluded from moving onto other questions and was instead thanked for taking the survey.

Police Chief Anthony Clay on Thursday announced that the online poll has since been updated to allow non-city residents to move on after the first question to complete the entire survey.

“The change is based on feedback committee members received after the survey launch. We also confirmed the survey platform provides the ability to analyze the responses based on the residency response,” stated Clay.

Later survey questions focus on items about which visitors to the city from surrounding communities or individuals employed in the city along with full-time residents may have formed opinions. Those question deal with involvement in or observation of city police interactions and the conduct of officers, the level of trust respondents feel towards officers, the level of police presence in neighborhoods and suggested changes for the department.

The online survey within 48-hours of its launch had already been taken by roughly 700 people, Clay stated. Thursday’s update to the outcome of the first question opens the survey up to anyone to share their opinions of and suggestions for city police.

“We appreciate everyone who took the time to provide input,” stated Clay.

There is currently no scheduled end date for the survey. Clay earlier this week indicated that the survey will likely remain open until responses naturally dwindle. The reform committee will meet in early February to review the results of the survey and begin drafting a reform plan for anticipated presentation to the Common Council in March.

City residents can complete the survey by visiting surveymonkey.com/r/KXQCT2D. A link to survey is also available on the Gloversville Police Department’s Facebook page. The department is unable to provide or tabulate paper surveys.


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