Montgomery County vaccine hotline proves successful

FONDA — The Montgomery County COVID-19 Vaccination Waitlist Hotline has been successful and has received a considerable amount of calls; which has created a waiting list for the hotline of 2,000 people.

“The state has only been getting 300,000 vaccines a week, and by opening up the eligibility far and wide, it created a massive demand,” said Montgomery County Executive Matt Ossenfort during a Facebook live briefing on Wednesday. “People were having trouble getting answers, so we decided to open up a hotline so you could at least speak to a human at Montgomery County and we could try to answer your questions and try to get you on a list, so when we do get the vaccines we can go right to that list and schedule people.”

Ossenfort said the hotline has received thousands of phone calls and currently have a waiting list of 2,000.

“Overwhelmingly it has been well received by the people that have called, and I must do a big heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers and staff that we’ve had that have helped,” he said.

Ossenfort said within the next few weeks, there will be more and more vaccine distribution locations that will include state clinics, pharmacies, the county and hospital.

The county is also preparing to implement a vaccine clinic this week and potentially another one next week, as well as looking to give seniors who can’t leave their homes, access to the vaccine.

He again told residents if they have access to transportation and are able to travel, to go for the vaccine where it’s available.

“Get it where you can,” Ossenfort said. “There are no boundaries with this and there are people traveling all over the state.”


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