FMCC’s Board of Trustees receives Phi Theta Kappa 2020 Board of Trustees Excellence Award

In a year of major change, strain, and uncertainty for many community colleges, it is always a positive sign to have the college’s Board of Trustees recognized for their tireless work in supporting the entire college community. On Thursday November 19, 2020, FMCC’s esteemed Board of Trustees were honored for their dedication to Phi Theta Kappa students, alumni, and advisors over the years, as well as their exceptional commitment and leadership to the college and the surrounding community. The FMCC Board of Trustees members who were recognized include:

∫ Geoffrey Peck, chair of FM’s Board of Trustees

∫ Bethany Schumann-McGhee, Esq.

∫ Vice-Chair of FM’s Board of Trustees
 William Easterly

∫ Jennifer Gardella

∫ Taiyebeh Ghazi-Moghadam

∫ Edmund C. Jasewicz

∫ James Landrio

∫ Wendy Perry

∫ Roberta Winsman

∫ Crystal Hutchins, Student Trustee

A Board of Trustees’ support can take on many forms, therefore it is important to understand the criteria of this exceptional award. The Board of Trustees Excellence Award recognizes a Board of Trustees at a postsecondary institution with an active PTK chapter that demonstrates strong support for its local chapter and the greater Society.

The FMCC Board of Trustees were nominated by the college’s Phi Theta Kappa Alpha Alpha Upsilon chapter. Through PTK’s hallmarks of scholarship, leadership, service, and fellowship — and through the support from Board of Trustees such Fulton Montgomery Community College’s — PTK has made its mark in higher education with an everlasting impact.

The role of a community college trustee is a critically important one that not only impacts local and national policy and funding, but also the everyday lives of the nation’s community colleges as places of teaching and learning. FMCC’s Board of Trustees provides funding for students, faculty, and staff to attend personal and professional development conferences.

They are active in campus activities and service projects, they invite students to present on initiatives, and they let students serve as board members, so there’s a student voice in college decisions.

At FMCC, the Board of Trustees supported the opening of the Raiders Relief food pantry on campus and funded a College Promise video project to prepare prospective freshmen for the transition to college.

Please join FMCC’s Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Alpha Upsilon chapter, in congratulating FMCC’s Board of Trustees who were presented with the prestigious Phi Theta Kappa 2020 Board of Trustees Excellence Award, which recognized distinguished community college boards of trustees for their leadership and outstanding commitment to student success. It is very important to note that FMCC’s exceptional Board of Trustees were one of only four selected Board of Trustees in the Nation to receive this prestigious award. They are truly exceptional.

This article was co-authored by Dr. Flor Trespalacios and Dr. Anna Biel They are both assistant professors at Fulton Montgomery Community College and PTK co-advisors.


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