County Ethic Board chairman needed

JOHNSTOWN — The Fulton County Board of Supervisors on Monday made many 2021 appointments to various groups, including the county Ethics Board, which now seeks a chairman.

The Board of Supervisors typically starts the year by making various appointments and reappointments to bodies serving county government.

“Most of our meeting is a procedural meeting for advisory boards and appointments to that,” said county Administrative Officer Jon Stead.

One of the resolutions approved by the board Monday was for the Fulton County Ethics Board.

Stead said that Michael F. Gendron — a former Gloversville supervisor and two-time Board of Supervisors chairman — was due to be named Ethics Board chairman for 2021.

“I was contacted by Mr. Gendron yesterday,” Stead said.

He said Gendron indicated that he would be moving out of Fulton County and could no longer serve on that board.

County Attorney Jason Brott said he didn’t have a recommendation for chairman so the county will hold off on that designation for now.

Named to the Ethics Board were: Lisa Queeney, Shelly Yerdon and Brott.

In other action, the board appointed these members of the Fulton County Industrial Development Agency for 2021: Dave D’Amore, Michael Fitzgerald, Joseph Gillis, Jane Kelley, Todd Rulison and Joseph Semione.

Named to the Fish and Wildlife Management Board were: Michael Bowman, James Groff, Richard Hart, Vernon Duesler III, James Berry and Thomas Christopher.

Appointed as members of the Fulton County Soil & Water Conservation District Board of Directors were: Scott Horton, Frank Lauria, Richard Hart, Jerry Moore, and Matt Brower.

The board appointed these members of the Fulton County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board: Richard Argotsinger, Jack Putman, Jerry Moore, Peter Goderie, Lee Hollenbeck, Matthew Brower, Timothy Matis, Richard Hart, Gregory Fagan, Scott Henze, and Mary Beth Salamone.

Representing the Great Sacandaga Lake Advisory Council for 2021 will be: Scott Henze, Sheila Perry, Melissa Mazzarelli, and James Groff.

Supervisors appointed Greg Fagan, Travis Mitchell and Grant Preston to the Fulton County Center for Regional Growth Board of Directors.

Fifteen members were named to the county Office for Aging Advisory Board, and nine members were named to the county Youth Bureau advisory board.

Appointed to the Public Health Advisory Board for 2021 were: Dr. Paul Perreault, Thomas Fiorello, Kim Frederick, Anne Solar, Tammy Merendo, Angela Stuart Palmer, Kathie McClary, Laurel Headwell and Marie Born.

Also appointed were numerous members of the Fulton County Emergency Medical Services Council and the Fulton County Community Services Board.


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