Caroga holds organizational meeting

CAROGA — The Caroga Town Board held its organizational meeting on Wednesday, passing several resolutions to put the operating budget into motion, make appointments and set up town business for the year.

Some business included, naming NBT the town’s financial institution; the gas mileage for 2021 is set at 58 cents per mile; the highway superintendent is authorized to spend up to $2,000 without authorization, $5,000 with supervisor approval and over $5,000 with town board approval; the official newspaper is The Leader-Herald; if a town official is going to be out of town for more than 48 hours, the town clerk must be notified; and holidays were set.

Several appointments were made including: Anthony Fancher as sanitation inspector and code enforcement officer; Linda Gilbert as registrar of vital statistics; howard Dutcher as dog control officer; Colleen Ricciardi as youth director; Richard Nilsen as historian Robert Thompson and Robert Nellis as building maintenance staff; John Delesky as BTI coordinator; Gene Centi as weed harvesting coordinator; Leigh Anne Louks as sole assessor Al Kozakiewicz as planning board chairman.

Other appointments made include: Douglas Purcell as zoning board of appeals chairman; Jennifer Blower as code and building safety inspector and code clerk; Councilman John Glenn as deputy supervisor; Henry Snell as deputy highway superintendent; Judith Aldinger as deputy town clerk; Councilman James Long as ZBA and Planning Board clerk; Joanne Young as bookkeep and budget officer; Thelma Subik as court clerk; Kim Satterly as clerk to the highway superintendent and Jeremy Manning as Wheelerville Trail manager.

Yearly salaries and hourly rates were also set for appointed and elected officials.

Salary elected and appointed officials to be paid monthly include: Town justice at $15,810; dog control officer at $5,869; court clerk at $3,535; four town councilmembers at $3,043 each; supervisor at $10,232 and bike trail manager at $10,000.

Salary for elected and appointed officials to be paid bi-weekly include: Bookkeeper at $25,505; town clerk at $37,031; registrar to vital statistics at $812; highway superintendent at $50,000; BTI coordinator at $16,475; youth director at $5,875 and youth teacher at $1,635.

Appointed employees to be paid hourly include: Sole assessor at $26; confidential secretary to the supervisor at $18; code enforcement officer at $26; building and safety inspector $20; deputy town clerk at $15; golf course laborers at $14.56-$14.99; assistant to golf professional at $12.50; BTI technicians at $12.88-$13.54; senior divers at $24; first-year starting divers at $22.64; senior tenders at $13.62; first-year tenders at $13.23; janitorial at $14.05; boat wash/lake stewards at $12.50; summer youth/recreational at $12.50; summer youth bus driver at $16.50; summer youth life guards at $13; lead bike trail builder at $25; assistant bike trail builder at $20 and bike trail laborer at$15.

Members of the Caroga Town Board also passed five other separate resolutions appointing Karen Dutcher as a member of the Planning Board; Frank Malagisi to the Zoning Board of Appeals; Christopher Langlois with Girvin & Ferlazzo as town attorney; Gene Centi as chairman of the Parks, Lakes, Recreation and Tourism Commission; Amanda French to the Parks, Lakes, Recreation and Tourism Commission; and Barb DeLuca to the Parks, Lakes, Recreation and Tourism Commission.


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