Council gives nod to increase in DPW bulk pick-ups

GLOVERSVILLE — The Common Council on Tuesday approved an ordinance modifying city code that increases the prepaid fee for individuals scheduled bulk pick-ups by the Department of Public Works to $75 and creates a fee schedule for items that are tagged for non-compliance with city code to be collected at a low of $150 for three items and a high of $500.

In addition to the free bulk pickup that is offered citywide each year during the summer, under city code DPW crews throughout the year can be scheduled to pick up authorized bulk items from residences for a prepaid fee by completing an application through the City Clerk’s Office. The ordinance approved by the council this week raises the fee for this service to $75, up from $45.

City code also stipulates that any bulk item placed on the curb for pick up that is non-compliant with or in violation of city code will be tagged with a dated and timed sticker giving the resident or property owners 72 hours’ notice to remove each item.

Any items that are not removed within 72 hours of being tagged will be picked up by the DPW for a fee. Property owners were previously billed for the labor and equipment use and tipping fees related to the item’s removal, as well as a flat $200 mobilization fee.

Under the approved ordinance, the section of city code has been modified to subject property owners who fail to remedy these offenses to a single set fee for removal to be determined under a new fee schedule that under certain circumstances reduces the total cost property owners would have previously been subject to.

The schedule sets a $150 fee for the removal of up to three items that can be carried by one person; $250 for the removal of more than three items or any item which requires more than one person to be carried as long as the items can fit in a space of no more that five feet by five feet by 10 feet; and $500 for items exceeding the previous thresholds.

The ordinance modifying city code was unanimously approved by the Common Council on Tuesday following a scheduled public hearing on the legislation during which no members of the public provided comments.

Beyond having bulk items collected from their residences through the free annual collection, an individually scheduled pick up or as the result of a violation, residents can also purchase a permit to drop off items at the Fulton County Department of Solid Waste Transfer Station at 847 Mud Road through the City Clerk’s Office. The annual permits can be purchased for $40 from Jan. 1 through Aug. 31 or for $25 after Sept. through the end of the year.


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