Officials deny student tested positive

FONDA — Montgomery County officials deny that a student in the Fonda-Fultonville Central School District tested positive, stating that the New York state Department of Health’s COVID-19 Report Card is showing that positive, was an error made by the state.

“The state has now put up this reporting dashboard, and clearly there were some glitches. For some reason there was a positive case reported for Fonda-Fultonville, but in fact that was an error,” said Montgomery County Executive Matt Ossenfort during the county’s COVID-19 weekly briefing on Facebook live on Monday.

Montgomery County Public Health Director Sara Boerenko said because there are so many schools in the state to put data in for, there have been some glitches. She said the system can’t handle the numbers, and F-FCSD was identified as having a positive case.

“That is simply not true,” Boerenko said.

To date, there have not been any positive cases with in any of the school districts in Montgomery County.

Boerenko said they are working to get that error removed from the site.

“We know with the state there are lots of issues to date that is still not corrected and the state can’t give us a reason why, but they have acknowledged that it is a false report,” Boerenko said.

The county since the briefing last week only had two new positive cases, in which two are under medical care and 45 are being monitored. The two in medical care are individuals in need of skilled nursing care, and are both stable.

“All in all as a county, we’re in great shape. We’re moving forward,” Ossenfort said.

Although, the county is currently in a good place, officials are worried for what’s to come as the winter months are starting to approach, especially with mental health, as residents will be more isolated than they have during the summer months.

Boerenko, who is also the mental health director, said on Tuesday, Oct. 23 and Oct. 27, they will be hosting an all-day youth mental health day training free to the community.

“It is my responsibility to make sure the youth in this community are also getting the needs they have, met,” she said.

County officials will also be sharing hotlines and numbers for local resources to contact for those who want help.

Officials remind residents take five minutes to check on neighbors, friends and loved ones.

“I just think one of the important things people need to know is that the mental health department here in the county and sheriff’s office have worked really hard on a crisis intervention team to help those who are suffering for mental health issues as well as substance abuse issues,” Boerenko said. “We did a week-long training and we used that team a number of times. And we have between the sheriff’s office and the Amsterdam Police Department an entire team of officers who are specifically trained to help people, so even if I’m not available, the sheriff’s office is open 24 hours a day.”

“You can call our dispatcher 24/7 if you’re in any type of crisis and we’ll try to get the appropriate people to respond and provide that assistance,” said Montgomery County Sheriff Jeff Smith.


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