Progress continues on Wheelerville Bike Trail project

CAROGA — A lot of progress has been made on the Wheelerville Bike Trail project since July with the help of volunteers.

The Caroga Town Board held its regular meeting on Wednesday via both in person with limited seating and on Zoom. During the meeting Jeremy Manning, project leader, gave an update on the Wheelerville Bike Trail project.

“We’re doing really well,” Manning said.

He said they had a “massive volunteer day” in which 41 people registered to volunteer and over people ended up showing up to volunteer.

With their help, crews were able to build a ridge, volunteers did a lot of clearing on the main trail and had brush moved, they helped on the upper downhill trails and they are now working on the tread on that section of the trail.

They have finished the main trail back at the lake, did some clearing there and then went up the back side where they did more clearing in which the rear climbing trail was mostly finished .They do have some spots that were wet that they’ll have to finish up on.

“We are about two-thirds the way down the main downhill trail which is really what this place is known for. It looks like something you’d see at Killington,” Manning said. “It’s going to be one of the best trails in New York.”

Manning said from a budget standpoint, “we’re doing quite well.” He said he believes they only used approximately a little more than $16,000 of their actual personnel budget.

“[We] should be done with what we wanted to get done for the first phase this fall. I believe we’ll also have time to get more in from our second phase as well,” Manning said.

They will have another major volunteer date coming up on Sept. 20 and possibly one more in October.


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