Nathan Littauer outpatient clinic coming to Caroga

The Caroga Town Board held a special meeting on Friday to discuss its lease agreement with Nathan Littauer Hospital which is building a outpatient medical clinic on town property. Shown from left is Councilman John Glenn and Supervisor Scott Horton. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara)

CAROGA — Nathan Littauer Hospital will soon have a new outpatient medical clinic building located on town hall property after seven months of negotiations.

During a special Caroga Town Board meeting on Friday, councilmen passed a resolution authorizing the Supervisor Scott Horton to sign a lease agreement with Nathan Littauer Hospital allowing them to build a new outpatient clinic building on property next to the town hall building.

“I think the job you did in negotiating this was excellent,” said Councilman James Long. “I think this lease, having read through it carefully, is highly favorable to the town.”

The town is entering into a lease agreement with Nathan Littauer for a 10-year term and three optional 10-year renewal terms.

The lease agreement starts off at $1,000 a month and after the first five years it goes up to $1,100 and then the next five years is a ten percent increase again.

The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara Shown is the area in which Nathan Littauer Hospital will be building a new outpatient medical clinic in the town of Caroga.

The outpatient building will be on a quarter of an acre of property in which they will have a right to install outside the bounds of the property a septic tank, the right to tap into the town’s water supply, but will be paying for their own utilities.

“If we discontinue providing them sewer system and/or water we would allow them to go outside the demised premises and install a well at their cost and their own septic,” Horton said.

The lease allows them to operate under normal business hours which may also include Sundays.

Councilman John Glenn said during the summer months there will be more of a need for increased hours.

NHL will have to maintain the interior and exterior of the premises.

“”If at anytime during the lease, and they decide they don’t want to be here any longer, they are to turn the building over to us in good condition, personal property removed,” Horton said.

One concern by the board was that the town will continue doing snow plowing as it always has done for the next 40 years.

“I just think that our expenses in 40 years, we have no idea what they’re going to be so to have that in black in white could come back to haunt us,” said Councilman Richard Sturgess.

He also expressed concerns of being “tied down” to the property especially since the town board has had discussions of possibly building a new town hall building that could be on that property or elsewhere.

However, they have the option to renew the lease for three 10-year renewal terms.

“If we did build a new town hall, this building would still be utilized as town property,” said Councilman Donald Travis.

He said they would have to keep the parking lot clear for emergencies to make sure it was clear for emergency vehicles.

Councilman John Glenn said it is town’s obligation to take care of roads, parking lots, sidewalks and so forth.

“And the lease allows us to sell it, and whoever would take it over would have to honor the lease,” Horton said. “Nothing says we have to stay here.”


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