DPW begins site work on Spring St. Park

GLOVERSVILLE — Efforts to revitalize Spring Street Park led by the city Recreation Commission are beginning to shape up as the Department of Public Works recently began initial site work paving the way for the installation of new park equipment.

While organizing and hosting city-based events throughout 2019, the volunteer run Recreation Commission raised funds in part by offering concessions at events and collecting vendor fees for participation in the city’s larger occasions for an improvement project planned at Spring Street Park located at 139 Spring St.

The commission ultimately raised $8,000 for the project last year with that sum matched by a donation from Sticker Mule. The Recreation Commission raised around $1,000 more for the project selling holiday wreaths with support of the Department of Public Works and engraved pavers to be incorporated into a path along the park entrance.

After the successful year of fundraising, the commission members hoped to break ground on the park improvement project in the spring, but plans were temporarily put on hold as the state stay at home order to slow the spread of the coronavirus took effect.

As restrictions began to ease, the Recreation Commission began planning work at the end of June, developing a site plan with project designer Michael Cranker of DMR Civil Engineering and selecting new playground equipment suitable for all ages.

According to City Clerk Jennifer Mazur, who serves as liaison to the Recreation Commission, those plans are starting to come together as Department of Public Works crews recently began initial site work removing old stone pavers from the park and a concrete pad where a fountain formerly stood with the cleared areas to be seeded with grass.

These efforts will clear the way for the installation of a new pathway from the main entrance of the park constructed with the engraved stone pavers and an asphalt walkway from the rear park entrance on Cherry Street. New lighting will be installed in the park for improved safety for visitors and security as new pieces of playground equipment are scheduled to be installed in the next few weeks appropriate for small children aged 2 to 5 and older kids aged 5 to 12.

The park will also receive a new fountain in the weeks ahead along with new picnic tables and grills along the rear of the grounds. Installation work will be split between DPW crews who will put in the new walkways, lighting and fountain and the Recreation Commission members aided by volunteers who will install the new park equipment.

Mazur noted that in recent weeks community members and businesses have contributed additional donations to specific components of the project that as of Thursday helped boost the overall funding for park improvements to $21,300.

“It went above what we anticipated when started,” said Mazur. “We started with $8,000 and hoped to grow from there. We raised $13,300 from community members and businesses which is exceptional.”

Anticipation for completion of the park project among the commission members has grown this year as the coronavirus has forced the group to table planning of annual events that normally bring large swaths of the community together.

“This was basically the only thing on our agenda for the year with all events having to be cancelled. The Rec Commission really put all of their effort into Spring Street Park, it’s been a two-year project and we can’t wait to see it finished,” said Mazur.

Work at Spring Street Park is expected to be complete around the end of October and Mazur is hoping a small grand reopening can be held to recognize contributors to the project before winter sets in.


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