Wear a Mask billboard contest

JOHNSTOWN — Attention Fulton County residents: Would you like to see your masked image up there on a billboard, something fun to promote COVID-19 safety?

The Fulton County Public Health Department on Route 29 has the contest for you.

According to county Assistant Public Health Director Angela Stuart Palmer, her agency is conducting a “Wear a Mask Billboard Contest.”

Palmer said the health department is asking Fulton County residents to send a picture of themselves wearing a mask to: ckristel@fultoncountyny.gov. Entries are due by July 17 and must be a 3.75 mega bits photo. The winner’s picture will be displayed on a billboard in Fulton County.

Health officials said the contest is open to Fulton County residents only. Entrants should send their full name and phone number when forwarding their photo.

Fulton County Public Health Director Laurel Headwell said Tuesday that her department will be running three different billboards in the upcoming months. One of the billboards will feature the mask contest, which will feature the winning mask picture.

Headwell said the idea for the contest was brought up in her department about “how we can engage the community” during the pandemic.

“We would like people to be involved and have a stake in their decisions,” she said. “We also want all age groups to realize that wearing a mask is helping in protect the health of themselves and others. In the past few months, we have noticed a split in people wearing masks and not wearing masks. We have said through this pandemic that it’s take a community. Once again, we are saying it takes a community to come together and show that we can step up, wear a mask and help prevent more spread.”

Headwell said she’s not sure if other counties are doing similar contests.

She said the winner will be featured on the billboard. The Lamar Company that the health department works with will make a mini-billboard for the individual, as well as we will show off the billboard on social media and through the press. The department will feature one winner, she said.

Grant funds for COVID-19 are being utilized for the contest.

Headwell said the county agency is not looking for any certain unique mask to be pictured.

“If they want to be creative, go for it,” she said. “Our goal is to have people engage in wearing masks and see that masks are for everyone.”

Michael Anich covers Johnstown and Fulton County news. He can be reached at manich@leaderherald.com.


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