GJSD budget vote slated

JOHNSTOWN — The Greater Johnstown School District 2020-2021, budget revote will be held between the hours of 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. July 28, at the Johnstown Junior-Senior High School, 1 Sir Bills Circle, according to a news release.

The definition of a qualified voter: A person shall be entitled to vote at the revote who is an United States Citizen; at least 18 years of age; a resident within the school district for at least 30 days before July 28; not disqualified by any reason set forth in New York State Election Law Section 5-106.

A qualified voter must also be a registered voter with the county board of elections or the school district. Anyone can check their registration status by calling the district clerk at (518) 762-4611, Ext. 3119, or online at https://es.findmypollplace.com/greaterjohnstown/AmIRegistered.

Individuals who aren’t registered may attend voter registration day from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday (July 14) junior-senior high school auditorium lobby.

All persons entering school premises must observe social distancing protocols and wear a mask or face covering.

Absentee Ballot:

Voters registered with the county board of elections as permanently sick or disabled will automatically receive an absentee ballot. For all other individuals who want to vote by an absentee ballot, in accordance with Executive Order 202.47, an application must be submitted to the District Clerk. An applications can be requested by contacting the district clerk at (518) 762-4611, Ext. 3119; e-mailing: lcarpenter@johnstownschools.org; or be found online at www.johnstownschools.org/absentee.

Due to the prevalence and community spread of COVID-19, the potential for contraction of the COVID-19 virus shall be deemed a temporary illness for the purpose of eligibility to vote as an absentee voter in a school budget revote held on July 28. The absentee ballot applications must be received by the district clerk at least seven days before the vote if the ballot is to be mailed to the absentee voter, or the day before the vote if the ballot will be picked up.


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