Caroga to allow in-person mtgs

Shown is a screenshot from Caroga Town Board's virtual meeting on Wednesday. Next month's meeting will continue to be virtually and the board is allowing 20 people to attend the meeting at the town hall building in the gym. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara)

CAROGA — The Caroga Town Board is making progress on current projects and issues within the town such as the Wheelerville Bike Trail, the sewer study and issues with parking at the Green Lake access to the Kane Mountain hiking trail.

Former board member Jeremy Manning gave a virtual update on the Wheelerville Bike Trail which has been an ongoing project form many years is now in the construction phase.

The project will include five to six miles of a variety of different trails that will vary at different levels of difficulty. The recreation trails, which will be machine- and hand-built could be used for snowshoeing, cross country skiing, running, hiking and biking. The system will be a non-motorized trail system.

Manning said the machines are in laying out the trail, and have had volunteers in cutting trees and moving brush.

“We’re off to a good start, we anticipate getting the main trunk trail done hopefully in about three weeks and starting up the back climbing trail and then working our way down the front side,” Manning said.

He said the biggest issue right now is the dirt being dry which can be hard to compact. He said they need more rain.

Giving an update on the sewer study was Councilman John Glenn who said he along with Supervisor Scott Horton have been meeting with the Fulton County Planning Board, Chairman Scott Henze, a representative with Environmental Design Partnership Travis Mitchell.

“It was a great meeting,” Glenn said.

He said they are working on finding a grant to help finance a new sewer system. Members of the new and old town board have expressed a need for a new sewer system to ease the reoccurring issue of waste going into the lake.

“It was a very exciting meeting,” Horton said.

The town did not get funding they were hoping to get for he sewer system but are now eyeing the SMART Waters grant that will help save taxpayers money.

“There is a lot more to do. We’re going to get data and as we get the data we’re going to present it,”Horton said.

At the June meeting, the issue of heavy traffic at the Green Lake Road access to Kane Mountain was brought to the board’s attention in which there have been an increased number of cars parking on both side of the road.

The town decided to send a letter to DEC to address the parking issue. Horton said he is preparing a plan to present to the DEC to provide an additional 25 parking spaces.

“There’s plenty of room there for additional parking,” Horton said. “I figured you could fit about 25 parking spaces there.”

Councilman James Long said he reached out to DEC in which there will be some legal issues in regards to tree cutting.

He said an amendment to the Shaker Mountain Wild Forest Unit Management Plan would be required. He said the issues would be between DEC and APA.

“We don’t have a lot of control here,” Long said.


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