Route 30A project set to go out to bid

JOHNSTOWN — An estimated $3 million project to improve and widen Route 30A further south in the city is slated to go to bid in September, the state Department of Transportation said Friday.

The project was announced last October by DOT. Around that time, the state agency concluded a similar lengthy project in 2019 on Route 30A between Townsend Avenue and Briggs Street, some of which created five lanes on the Arterial Highway instead of three. This new project will be similar, with the targeted area being south of that area — the Prindle Avenue area north to Briggs Street (Route 29).

DOT spokesperson Jim Piccola in Utica said Friday that the PSE for the new project, which stands for Plans/Specification/Estimate, was “just completed” by DOT.

Piccola said the project’s “letting” or going out to bid, will be in September.

The state is calling the new project – due to possibly be substantially completed by fall 2021 — a “corridor improvement project.” The 0.3-mile corridor that will be improved was created in 1953.

DOT representatives last year in Johnstown outlined the project for the public, including Project Designer Dennis Vabishchevich, Project Manager Jonathan Tibbitts, Project Team Leader Michael Muha and Regional Design Engineer Brian Hoffmann. Prior to a formal presentation, DOT staff gave an informal briefing for the public, showing off diagrams and the impacted area.

Tibbitts said DOT in 2021 will be “basically doing the same scope in this corridor” as was done in 2019.

The last time DOT did anything with the corridor was 2012, when that stretch of highway was milled and resurfaced. The segment is 45 feet wide with two-foot shoulders. About 18,000 vehicles travel north and south from Prindle Avenue to Briggs Street daily, about 70 percent of which are heavy-duty trucks. The goal is to especially improve the traffic situation at Routes 30A and 29, officials said.

Proposed work includes additional travel lane in both northbound and southbound directions within the commercial corridor, new sidewalks from existing facilities north to Briggs Street and new curbing, closed drainage, lighting, highway signage along the corridor. Commercial entities bordering along the corridor include Brown’s Ford, Walgreens, Stewart’s, Wendy’s, KFC, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Microtel.

Michael Anich covers Johnstown and Fulton County news. He can be reached at manich@leaderherald.com.


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