Village holds reorganizational meeting

BROADALBIN — Although village elections were pushed back to September, the village Board of Trustees held its organizational meeting on Tuesday.

Mayor Lawrence Cornell said positions in the village will remain the same, therefore, Trustee Mario Cristald will remain the on the police and public health and safety committee, Trustee Sue DeRocker will remain the water committee, Trustee David Jennings on the sewer committee, Steven Murray as deputy mayor and Steven Oare will remain the historian.

Former village clerk Sheila Bleyl who recently retired will continue to assist the clerk-treasurer as a form of a consultant.

Regular board meetings were set for the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at village hall.

Trustees designated The Leader-Herald its official newspaper.

The village passed a resolution to co-sponsor the Broadalbin Youth Commission with the town of Broadalbin.

“We are saying co-sponsor because even in accordance with the bylaws of that organization at this point, the town supervisor and the village mayor are co-in charge of it,” Lawrence said.

The village selected NBT bank as its official place for depositories.

Mileage was set at 58 cents per gallon.

Cornell reviewed the procurement policy from when the audit was completed. It was recommend that the village raise some of its thresholds for bidding.

“At this point I would assume that we’re going to stay with the same procurement policy we’re currently using,” Cornell said.

He said the auditor had also pointed out the village had conflicts with personnel policies which will be addressed by the auditor.

“That wraps up the organizational. I wanted to get that out of the way since they moved the elections out until September, I certainly didn’t want to wait until that time to do this,” Cornell said.


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