Large gathering disbanded at popular waterhole

CANAJOHARIE — About 200 people who were gathered at a popular swimming hole were removed from the area on Tuesday for not following COVID-19 guidelines on large gatherings.

Canajoharie Police Chief Bryan MacFadden said members of the Canajoharie Police Department found a gathering of several hundred people at the Boiling Pot in the Canajoharie Creek. He said patrols noticed cars parked on both sides of Floral Avenue that leads to the swimming area.

Members of the Canajoharie Police Department, Montgomery County sheriff’s deputies and state police removed a crowd of approximately 200 people from the swimming area as gatherings of more than 10 people are still not allowed until COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions are lifted.

“We asked everyone to leave, there were no arrests made,” MacFadden said.

He said law enforcement was unable to get an exact count, but MacFadden said there were “close to 200 people there.”

“Because of COVID-19 these large gatherings are not allowed,” MacFadden said.

Wintergreen Park and the swimming area are closed until further notice.

However, MacFadden reminds residents and people who have been coming into the area from the city or from out of state that state parks and beaches are currently open because they can be regulated to limit the number of people who are allowed in.

Wintergreen Park will not open until the state allows it, but because of cost it may not open at all this year, MacFadden said. He said it has yet to be determined.

MacFadden said “a lot” of people have been coming upstate from the city since that region has yet to enter the first phase of reopening which is causing large gatherings in this area.

“I fully appreciate people want to enjoy the natural wonders of the area, but until restrictions are lifted, we cant’ have large gatherings,” MacFadden said.


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