A letter from the editor

Dear Reader,

The last few weeks have been full of uncertainty for many of you here in the Tri-County area when it comes to the COVID-19 coronavirus, and we wanted today to provide you with an update on how we’ve been covering the crisis here at The Leader-Herald and the resources we have made available so you and your loved ones can remain up-to-date and prepared in the coming weeks.

First, internally, a large portion of our staff is now working from home, with only essential employees at our main office in Gloversville. With the shelter at home mandate from Gov. Andrew Cuomo on March 20, some of our reporters are working from home, but are still working hard to bring the latest and most important local news to you each day. Just as you are with your families, we are assessing each day how best we can keep our employees safe and healthy so that they can continue to bring you the latest local news on how COVID-19 is affecting and altering our way of life.

Second, we’ve devoted nearly all of our reporting resources to coverage of the coronavirus. Since the Wuhan outbreak first came to light, we brought you coverage of the situation. 

When the first case of someone traveling abroad had self-isolated themselves in the Tri-County area, we brought you their story. We have also reported each time a new case is diagnosed. 

Over the past week, for example, we’ve produced several unique local stories on how the virus is impacting our region. We’ve looked into and reported on how school officials are handling virtual teaching now that the governor has order all schools to remain closed; we’ve told  of how local municipalities are conducting their meetings and what is happening to our area. We’ve spoken with local restaurants on how they’re adjusting to life with only delivery or to-go customers; and about a local woman who recently retired after 40 years as a sales representative for The Leader-Herald. Donna had a dream vacation planned for six weeks in Italy. When the seriousness of the pandemic grew, she tried to come home, but instead found herself stranded in Italy. 

In this time of uncertainty and fear, we have also wanted to bring our readers uplifting stories. We wrote about the #518huntforrainbows Facebook story; the story about the disabled woman who was creating unique face masks for area residents and those on the front lines for free; as well as the sewing center partnering with volunteers to make face masks. 

We’ve also have provided a daily list of cancellations and postponements of public events, blood drives and other gatherings so that you can remain informed.

We have many other important local stories planned for the coming days including additional tips and strategies parents can use to help their students adapt to learning in a virtual environment now that universities and public and private secondary schools have canceled in-person classes; how the closure of businesses is affecting families that may now find one if not both parents out of work; and how local funeral homes are handling the limitations set the governor.

To help you sort through all this information, we’ve also added a section on our website labeled “Following the Coronavirus,” www.leaderherald.com/news/coronavirus/, devoted solely to coverage of COVID-19. This section contains all of the latest local, state, national and international coverage of COVID-19 and how it is reshaping life across the globe. We’re continually updating this section so you can remain informed on everything from business closings to new numbers of those testing positive for the virus.

Last, we ask that you and your loved ones stay safe as we collectively go through this challenging time. We will do our part to keep you as up-to-date as possible with local news from a staff that you can trust. Local news matters, now more than ever, and we work each day, in all that we do, to remain your trusted local news source.


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