Visitors no longer allowed

GHA sets up new guidelines to protect its seniors

GLOVERSVILLE — Gloversville Housing Authority Interim Executive Director Damaris Carbone on Wednesday notified residents of Kingsboro Towers and Forest Hills Towers that visitors will be prohibited at both senior residential buildings until further notice.

The prohibition on outside visitors follows recommendations from the federal and state government to prevent possible transmission of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, among senior residents who based on age and underlying health conditions are considered to be at high risk of serious or critical illness.

“This decision is not being made lightly but out of an abundance of caution to protect the resident population here, most of whom are in the high-risk category of experiencing life threatening complications should they contract the virus,” Carbone stated in letters issued to residents.

The letters caution residents that the action should not cause any fear or panic and was being taken for their protection. Residents were also informed that they may observe GHA staff members performing additional cleaning throughout buildings to sanitize common areas.

Carbone reminded residents of measures they can take to protect against contracting the virus include practicing good hygiene by washing hands and avoiding touching the face and practicing social distancing by maintaining at least a six-foot distance of separation between individuals.

The interim executive director went on to recommend the best protection for residents as staying inside their apartments and leaving only to buy groceries or medical supplies when necessary. She additionally suggested that residents do their shopping online if possible.

“I want to leave you with one final thought, now is the time to be thinking about your neighbors and doing the right thing,” Carbone states. “If you are going out and exposing yourself to other people by not practicing social distancing and then returning to your apartment here then you are putting your neighbors at risk.”

“The CDC has now said that it is possible for some people to contract this virus and not show any symptoms at all or only minor symptoms. This virus can be deadly to those with underlying health issues like COPD, diabetes and weakened immune systems. I urge everyone in the building to please be cognizant of that fact and do everything possible to protect yourself and your neighbors,” the letter continues.

Carbone on Tuesday said that communal meals at the GHA had been suspended and although community rooms remained open, capacity was reduced by 50 percent following an executive order issued by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Additionally, all groups or committees were encouraged to suspend meetings and anyone choosing to use the community room was asked to distance themselves.

Amid ongoing restrictions aimed at reducing transmission of the coronavirus via community spread, the letter issued Wednesday requested that any residents facing job losses or reductions in hours notify the housing authority as soon as possible so that a rent adjustment can be made.

“I don’t want anyone to fall behind in rent because of lost wages. The entire GHA staff is continuing to work every day to see that the business of the housing authority continues,” Carbone stated. “Thank you for your cooperation as we work through this difficult time together. Be well and be safe.”


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