‘Year of the Glove’ deemed success

Pieces featured in an exhibit on the history of Fulton County's glove and tanning industry are seen on display at the Fulton County Historical Society and Museum during the Year of the Glove kick off event at the museum last year. (The Leader-Herald/Ashley Onyon)

JOHNSTOWN — Fulton County’s “Year of the Glove” activities in 2019 were deemed a success by county Historian Samantha Hall-Saladino.

In her monthly report issued recently to the Board of Supervisors’ Economic Development and Environment Committee, she alluded to events last year designed to pay homage to the county’s rich glovemaking and leather heritage. She said the Fulton County Historical Society and Fulton County Museum spearheaded many activities in 2019, including historical presentations, exhibits, a countywide art and essay competition, a postcard, and local communication with citizenry in Perth, Scotland.

“The Year of the Glove was a success and I hope to organize more countywide celebrations in the future,” Hall-Solenoid wrote in her report. “The museum enjoyed increased visitation because of the variety of events and it is clear there is a big interest in this part of our community’s history.”

Hall-Solenoid indicated she was “grateful” for all the event hosts, and those who offered programs, donated their time and talents and to everyone who attended “Year of The Glove” events throughout the year.

Elsewhere in her report to the committee:

∫ Hall-Solenoid said she submitted her office’s annual report to State Historian Devin Lander.

∫ The county historian said she has begun preliminary census research regarding the population of “enSlaved and free people of color” in Fulton County, beginning in 1790. She said she has created a database in Excel. She said her research is being supplemented by a 1990 booklet, “Black Heritage in Fulton County,” by Audrey Laird and Audrey Bowman.

Hall-Saladino said the booklet includes historical context and information from census records beginning in 1865, as well as city directories.

“In addition to learning more about our area’s black residents through history, I hope to provide an additional resource for future research,” Hall-Saladino reported.

∫ Hall-Saladino participated in a conference call of the Association of Public Historians of New York State board.

∫ She said she has begun revisions and updates on a paper she’s doing about women in the glove industry, The work is in preparation for a March 28 Elizabeth Cady Stanton Women’s Consortium Symposium at the HFM BOCES center. She said more information and registration forms for the event can be found online.


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