GHA to institute a new parking policy

GLOVERSVILLE — The Gloversville Housing Authority will institute new parking policies to address concerns at the senior towers over visitors parking in spaces reserved for residents.

Resident Commissioner Diane Sauve on Tuesday relayed complaints to the board from residents at Kingsboro Towers and Forest Hill Towers over visitors, including healthcare aids, parking in areas reserved for residents. Sauve has previously reported complaints over the parking issue to the board several times over the past year.

“Whether they have a handicapped assigned spot or not, most of the seniors are handicapped and they feel they should be able to park in their own parking lot versus aids and visitors, which is a continuous problem,” said Sauve.

Despite the presence of designated spaces for visitors in parking lots at both of the senior towers, Sauve said residents frequently are unable to find parking spaces in the lots or end up parking in the empty visitor spaces at the rear of the lots for lack of an alternative.

“It’s getting increasingly frustrating to people, especially in the wintertime,” said Sauve. “There’s a lot of tenants currently that have COPD, they have cancer, they have heart problems, it’s very difficult to walk, they pay their rent, that’s their home and they should be able to get a spot.”

GHA Interim Executive Director Damaris Carbone reported that she is working to address the problem, issuing parking permits to residents to be displayed on their vehicles and planning to draft a towing policy for non-permitted vehicles for board consideration likely in the spring.

Initial notices requiring residents to register their vehicles through the GHA’s main office at DuBois Garden Apartments were recently issued. A second notice setting a deadline for residents to register their vehicles will be forthcoming.

Following the vehicle registration deadline, a towing policy regarding unregistered vehicles will be presented to the Board of Commissioners. Carbone plans to institute a policy that will issue an initial warning for unregistered vehicles parked improperly in spaces for residents and escalate to towing as a last resort.

“We don’t want to tow somebody right off the bat,” said Carbone.


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