Caroga to conduct sewer system study

The Caroga Town Board held its regular meeting Wednesday night. From the left is Councilman John Glenn, Supervisor Scott Horton and Councilman Ricky Sturgess, right. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara)

CAROGA — The town will continue to look into updating its sewer system to ease the reoccurring issue of waste going into the lake, by conducting a sewer study which will include a study of an enhanced treatment unit.

In October, engineers Larry Smith and John King proposed a system to the town board that is a limited expandable sewer system that uses newer technology to treat waste.

Councilman John Glenn presented on the sewer study, stating that the town did not get the grant funding it wanted, but will be reaching out for future grants.

“We sat down with the [Fulton County] Planning, Scott Henze, myself, Scott Horton and Kent Kirch. We’re going to start meeting on a regular basis and instead of asking for a feasibility, we’re going to talk about the design part of it,” Glenn said. “We’re going to reach out for further grants, we’ll be bringing in a full time grant writer, we’ll be bringing in Travis Mitchell from the Environmental Design Organization. And we’re going to continue moving forward.”

Supervisor Scott Horton said that Kent Kirch, who is the past chairman of the Fulton County Center for Regional Growth Board of Directors, is willing to assist the town on the economic development side.

Glenn said the next meeting is on March 4 at 9:30 a.m. at the planning board at the Fulton County Municipal building on Montgomery Street in Johnstown.

He said he’d also like to reach out to anyone who represents the lakes within the town, such as Pine Lake and Canada Lake, to come up with a comprehensive clean-up observation.

“Evasive species are coming here for a reason and that’s mostly because we have seeping septic systems in the area,” Glenn said. “There are a lot of new buildings coming in the area that we need to address comprehensively.”


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