Village water tower funds on track

From left, board trustees Joseph Garrigan, Patrick Keane, Tomm Ruliffson Mayor Jamie Ward and Village Clerk Terri Brusker discuss the outstanding bill with National Grid Wednesday evening. (The Leader-Herald/Opal Jessica Bogdan)

MAYFIELD — Village officials said a majority of the new water tower funds are falling into place at its meeting Wednesday.

Mayor Jamie Ward said so far funding totalling $1.03 million has been collected for the new water tower. The estimated cost is $1.25 million.

“We have money tied up in the state Senate that has been earmarked for the village of Mayfield for the sum of $600,000 from state Sen. James Tedisco, but it’s currently tied up in political discussions,” Ward said.

He added that once those funds have been released, they anticipate starting construction next year.

“We’re on borrowed time with this current tower,” Ward said. “If that funding is released before spring 2020, that should put us on track.”

The village entered a deal with the town board for the location of the new water tower. The section of land purchased for the tower is located on Route 30 behind Choice Auto Repair in Mayfield, and has an access road. Ward said that the access road goes into the Town Department of Water Works property.

“It will be a little bit higher ground and we have a plot of land that we have entered into a deal with a town that they’re giving us that access road,” Ward said.

The plan is to secure the access road with fences once the project is underway. Once the new water tower is completed, Ward said they would have to take down the old one.

In other news, village officials discussed an outstanding bill between the village and National Grid which says the village owes more for when they upgraded the pump house electrical in 2015. National Grid is claiming they owe another $33,000 on top of the $36,000 they already paid for the service work.

Village Clerk Terri Brusker said she has asked for a detailed invoice on the additional monies, which National Grid said they couldn’t acquire. National Grid did say the monies were for two flag people along with extra work they had to do.

The village has refused to pay.

Ward said they have been trying to speak with the company for years to solve this overcharge but they’ve failed to deliver a detailed invoice.

“That’s ridiculous,” Ward said. “We’re not dumb, we’ll pay our bills, but not a bill that you can’t give us an invoice for… and the information that we do have is only for two flaggers.”

Ward added that they have information from the Department of Water Works that two flaggers were not present during the electrical upgrade.

Village officials are also looking forward to the winter carnival to be held Feb. 8. The event will begin at 8 a.m. with the kids fishing contest and followed by prizes at noon.

All other events start at 11 a.m. such as an adult and kids frying pan toss, hockey game, broom ball, ice-skating, a football toss game, ice bowling and a kids cardboard box derby.

The event will have one food truck, three fire pits and a polar plunge, which Ward will partake in.

The village will meet on Tuesday, Feb. 18 at 7 p.m.


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