Sheriff urges residents to stay off lakes

JOHNSTOWN — The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office is cautioning snowmobilers and ice fishing enthusiasts to stay off the county’s lakes.

“There’s many open areas,” Sheriff Richard Giardino said this morning. “There’s open lake. It’s very dangerous.”

The sheriff’s office is also reminding county residents that all yellow inspection stickers are not valid as of Jan. 1.

Giardino said a person was arrested after a “very poor attempt” to fake an inspection sticker from a traffic stop this wee.

“He was trying to get around the ticket for an inspection ticket he forged the night before,” the sheriff said.

The sheriff said initially it can be a misdemeanor in New York state to forge a sticker.

The state Vehicle and Traffic Law states: “(f) Any person who shall display or cause or permit to be displayed any sign, mark or advertisement as an official inspection station unless a license has been issued by the commissioner and is then in effect or who shall transfer or attempt to transfer a license as an official inspection station, or who knowingly makes a false statement in an application for a license for an official inspection station, or renewal thereof, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.”