CRG plans networking sessions

Quarterly gatherings to rotate between locations

Fulton County Center for Regional Growth Economic Development Specialist Ken Adamczyk provided an update to the Board of Directors on Friday on plans to organize events throughout the year aimed at bringing business professionals and elected officials together to build connections and foster growth. (The Leader-Herald/Ashley Onyon)

GLOVERSVILLE — The Fulton County Center for Regional Growth this year will seek to bring business owners and professionals together at quarterly Business to Business Networking Sessions.

CRG Economic Development Specialist Ken Adamczyk will organize the quarterly sessions that will rotate between locations throughout Fulton County to conveniently reach each of the populations in the various municipalities.

Adamczyk reported to the CRG Board of Directors on Friday that the first Business to Business session held in Northville on Jan. 15 was a success with 20 business professionals and elected officials from Northville and Northampton in attendance.

“We got a lot accomplished,” Adamczyk said.

The sessions are aimed at providing professionals throughout the county an opportunity to get together at a local establishment to develop personal and professional networks to help businesses grow.

Following the first session, Adamczyk will provide assistance to the Northville Merchants Association that has recently become dormant. The Merchants Association previously went through a period of inactivity for several year before it was relaunched in 2013.

“I’m going to help bring that back with them this year,” Adamczyk said.

Additionally, Adamczyk reported that he and CRG President and CEO Ronald Peters will work with Northville Mayor John Spaeth and Northampton Supervisor James Groff to develop marketing initiatives involving the use of social media for their respective municipalities.

The next quarterly Business to Business Networking Session in April will include two separate sessions to be held in Gloversville and Caroga Lake. New Gloversville Downtown Development Specialist James Hannahs will organize the event in the city.

The third session will take place in July tentatively planned for a location in the area of Broadalbin and Mayfield. The fourth and final session of the year will take place in October most likely to be held in the city of Johnstown.

“This way we’re spreading it throughout the community and we really start pulling things together,” said Adamczyk.

County business professionals and elected officials can look forward to two additional opportunities to network and share ideas in a more relaxed atmosphere as Adamczyk looks to organize the CRG’s first mid-season event this spring and the return of the annual Fall Gala.

In his first year organizing the Fall Gala that took place in November, Adamczyk reimagined the event as an informal mixer centered around a casino night theme that allowed guests to mingle while enjoying refreshments, live music and entertainment and trying their luck at a host of table games.

“A lot of the businesses and the elected officials liked the more relaxed atmosphere where they can interact and talk to people,” Adamczyk said.

Adamczyk will seek to recapture that feeling during this year’s Fall Gala sometime in November and a similar event tentatively planned for May. The spring event would feature a family friendly atmosphere, possibly in the form of a picnic.


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