Business incubator unveiled

GLOVERSVILLE — The Fulton County Center for Regional Growth Board of Directors on Friday heard plans for the marketing of the agency’s new business incubator to seek tenants to fill the co-working space.

The business incubator and co-working space is located on the second floor of the CRG building at 34 W. Fulton St. featuring fully-equipped, shared workspaces for rent to start-ups and small businesses. The CRG showed off the renovated space while hosting a grand opening in combination with the annual Fall Gala fundraiser on Nov. 14.

CRG Board of Directors member Terri Easterly on Friday asked for a timeline and action plan for utilizing the incubator space, noting, “We’re coming off of a really great event that we had upstairs.”

CRG President and CEO Ronald Peters said that a keyed entry limiting building access to the second floor co-working space and the agency’s restrooms still needed to be installed to offer renters 24/7 admittance. He added that he would submit a draft plan with a fee schedule for the space to the board’s membership and marketing committee within the next two weeks and begin contacting business owners who may be interested in renting some of the available space.

“My thought was to keep the fees very, very reasonable,” Peters said.

The CRG is eyeing the business incubator and co-working space as an affordable option for start-ups and small businesses with limited resources for establishing offices outfitted with furniture, equipment and services.

The flexible incubator space can accommodate any number of individuals and organizations with available office furniture and cubicles that can be installed and reconfigured according to the needs of each business. Building Wi-Fi will be open to those utilizing the space along with access to electronics including televisions and printers.

Three think tank rooms offer entrepreneurs a space where they can brainstorm ideas together. Two conference rooms provide a more private meeting space. Given the available meeting spaces, members of the board recommended offering short term rental options of a few hours or a single day.

“We have a lot of people who work from home that have a client come in or business associate come in or something like that and just need space to meet,” said board member Geoffrey Peck.

In addition to providing growing businesses affordable office space, the CRG staff will act as mentors to entrepreneurs utilizing the business incubator and facilitate access to the agency’s business and governmental connections. The CRG has also organized a calendar of monthly training sessions and small quarterly gatherings for business owners and staff that Peters said will be released by the end of the year.

The board members signaled their support for Peters’ plan to develop and roll out information, requesting that details also be shared on social media and suggesting the development of a virtual tour of the space.


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