Two personnel positions continued

JOHNSTOWN — The Fulton County Board of Supervisors extended two positions among personnel items the board handled Tuesday at the County Office Building.

The board voted to authorize a contract extension with Mark Ellithorpe for fiscal manager consulting services in the county Public Health Department. He is being paid an hourly rate of $45.

Ellithorpe was hired by the board earlier this year for consulting work through Oct. 31. The contract authorized an estimated 20 hours per week.

Tuesday’s resolution indicated county Public Health Director Laurel Headwell and the board’s Human Services, Personnel and Finance committees all recommending Ellithorpe’s contract through Dec. 31 to “ensure a seamless transition and fiscal integrity.” His hours per week worked and pay rate will remain the same.

In other personnel items, the board extended a civil clerk position in the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department through Oct. 31, 2020. The resolution said that it was extended “in order to ensure a proper training period as originally planned” with a Civil Service position that was originally created in 2017. With the next retirement in the title of civil clerk or senior civil clerk, the civil clerk position will be abolished, officials said.

The board also approved three resolutions related to the office of county Public Defender Roger Paul.

Supervisors extended 2017-19 state Office of Indigent Legal Services grant distribution to continue a part-time sixth assistant public defender position. The extension is for the period from Jan. 1, 2020 through Dec. 31, 2020. The board also authorized acceptance of a three-year $110,124 state grant running through Dec. 31, 2022 to continue a part-time sixth assistant public defender position.

The board also authorized extension of a $211,640 2017-19 state Counsel at First Appearance Grant.

“That’s a lot of money,” commented board Chairman Jack Wilson.

Extension of the grant from the state Office of Indigent Legal Services is through 2020.