Amsterdam police warn of potential door-to-door scheme

AMSTERDAM — City police are warning residents of suspicious activity being reported to police involving a white male and white female operating an SUV.

Police said the subjects are approaching citizens at their homes and posing as sales representatives for some type of new soap or cleaning company. They are asking to be brought inside homes to look at carpets and floors. Be aware that all door-to-door solicitation has to be registered and permitted through City Hall.

Police said the behavior fits a pattern of distraction schemes where one person approaches a resident with a seemingly reasonable request in an effort to distract the resident while their accomplice then commits a larceny from either the garage or another part of the home.

Residents are encouraged to always be vigilant about anyone who approaches their home and to ask them for identification. If you are at any time unsure of someone approaching your home please call city police at (518) 842-1100. Anyone who has been approached by subjects fitting this description are asked to call city police as they are seeking more details on their appearance and vehicle.

APD is working in conjunction with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office on this case. Anyone with information from areas outside the city are encouraged to call MCSO at (518) 736-1850.


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