Amsterdam home destroyed in blaze

AMSTERDAM — A home on Cady Street was excavated during a fire as the structure and location of the home created complications for fire crews to put the blaze out.

A call came in at approximately 1:04 p.m. on Oct. 14 from a passerby who saw smoke coming from the structure.

“Upon arrival, responding crews encountered a lot of visible flames in the lower part of the structure and heavy black smoke on all four sides of the structure,” said Amsterdam Fire Department Chief Michael Whitty.

He said there was heavy fire in the lower portion of the structure and it spread quickly up to the attic.

Whitty said the occupants of the home had set off three flea bombs 20 minutes prior to the fire, so all occupants were out of the home and all pets were in a camper on the property.

He said no occupants nor any firefighters were injured.

Whitty said due to the structure of the home — two-story in the front and three-story in the back — it made it difficult for fire crews to get the hose line in place.

He said there were also a lot of overhead wires near the home that prevented them from using the ladder.

Fire crews had to strictly use a defensive attack on the fire by excavating the home to get water in.

“We couldn’t fight the fire the way we wanted to,” Whitty said. “We had to demolish the building as we were putting the fire out.”

Whitty said since they had to excavate the home they won’t be able to determine the cause or origin of the fire.

The family who was displaced by the fire were assisted by Red Cross.