Sherman’s vote delayed

CAROGA — During a special meeting on Wednesday, the town board rescinded the resolution that was passed in June to hold a referendum for the sale of the Sherman’s property to the Caroga Arts Collective.

“We got some additional information from Fulton County Board of Elections regarding time and clarification of absentee ballots,” said Supervisor James Selmser. “Absentee voters would not be able to vote because of the time frame. In all fairness we want to make sure everyone has the chance to vote.”

He said they will have to pass a new resolution to schedule the new date for the referendum to be held during the general elections in November.

The town board however, will have to hold a special meeting sometime in September due to requirements that they hold the vote 75 days after the resolution is passed to allow voters enough time to register to vote and give absentee voters time to send in their absentee ballots.

“Everyone will have the opportunity to vote,” Selmser said.

The referendum is being held to allow voters to decide whether the former Sherman’s Amusement Park will be sold to the CAC for $50,000.

The music group has plans to turn the property into a performing arts venue. Plans include a lakeside performance venue; a main building to hold performances, banquets, conferences, town hall meetings, or other uses; carousel for banquets and art gallery installation space; and an information booth to supply information on Caroga and the Adirondacks.

The town board is also continuing to battle litigation made against the town by the former owner George Abdella in June.

Abdella, who is the president and sole stock holder of Balboaa Land Development Corporation, filed a notice of claim against the town for breach of contract, claiming the town has not maintained the former amusement park.

According to the notice of claim, Abdella is seeking compensatory damages, the rescission of the donation agreement and the deeds to the property transferred back to him.

Abdella gifted the property to the town in March 2015 in a donation agreement in which Abdella donated a portion of the property on the condition that the town hold the property in perpetuity, never sell the property and that the town “shall, at all times, maintain the property to the highest of standards.”

Abdella is claiming that the town has failed to maintain the property up to its standards.


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