Public hearings set for Common Council

GLOVERSVILLE — The Common Council will conduct two public hearings during today’s meeting at 6 p.m. regarding a property acquisition and the authorization of a state grant application. The council previously voted to schedule a third public hearing during today’s meeting regarding the terms of office for the city’s supervisors that will not be held.

The city will hold a public hearing today on the possible acquisition of a building at 213 N. Main St. from Fulton County. The Common Council approved a local law at the end of June authorizing the city to purchase the neighboring building at 211 N. Main St. from the building owner for $1.

The owner of that building approached the city seeking to convey the property to the city after reportedly purchasing the building sight unseen and subsequently learning that the structure required demolition. A rear wall of the brick building partially collapsed on May 30.

The city determined it would be necessary to raze both of the buildings that the city has deemed unsafe at 211 and 213 N. Main St. to make removing the partially collapsed brick building financially viable and approved a resolution in June to put out to bid the demolition work for the pair of buildings.

The city plans to hire a private contractor to raze both buildings after which the Fulton County Demolition Team will remove the debris from the properties. The county team cannot perform the demolition on the pair of buildings as the crew can only take down county-owned properties.

To implement these plans the city must first acquire 213 N. Main St. from Fulton County. Mayor Vincent DeSantis reported during the July 9 Common Council meeting that the county had agreed to transfer the property to the city following council approval of a local law following a public hearing.

The council will consider a local law authorizing the city to purchase 213 N. Main St. from the county for $1 following today’s public hearing.

The council will conduct a second public hearing today on the proposed submission of a $750,000 Community Development Block Grant application administered by the state Office of Community Renewal to support the city Water Department in order to upgrade facilities and infrastructure related to drinking water, sewer and stormwater.

Following the hearing the council will consider a resolution on the proposed grant application stating the funds will be used “to support community facilities and upgrade vital municipal infrastructure that benefits low and moderate income citizens and all residents and businesses within the city.”

The council during the July 9 meeting voted to schedule a third public hearing for today regarding a possible change in the length of terms for elected Gloversville supervisors who serve on the Fulton County Board of Supervisors. This public hearing will not be held.

The council planned take up the matter of possibly sending to public referendum a ballot measure seeking to extend the elected terms of the city’s supervisors from two years to four years, matching the four-year elected terms of other members of the Fulton County Board of Supervisors from the surrounding towns and the city of Johnstown.

Mayor Vincent DeSantis said today that the scheduled public hearing was tabled and left off of today’s meeting agenda at the request of City Attorney Anthony Casale following discussion with Fulton County Attorney Jason Brott. DeSantis said he planned to discuss the matter with Casale this morning and did not yet have details surrounding the request to table the hearing.

If the Common Council moves forward with plans to conduct a public hearing on the possible extension of terms for Gloversville supervisors through public referendum a new public hearing date would need to be scheduled.