Gloversville top 10 students for 2019


Paul-John Clet

This year’s valedictorian is Paul-John Clet with a GPA of 98.95.

He is the son of Eufemio and Fermina Clet.

Clet will be attending the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the fall.

As a junior, he was the recipient of the prestigious RPI Medal of Excellence Award for his distinguished achievement in the areas of math and science.


Throughout his high school career, Clet has been a dedicated leader to the Gloversville High School community. He served as the president of the class of 2019 and the National Honor Society. Additionally, he is a member of the Key Club, has tutored underclassmen in the subjects of algebra and geometry, and was nominated by the GHS staff to serve as mentor to the freshman class in the Bridges Mentoring Program.

Clet was also a three-sport varsity athlete, participating in soccer, track and baseball.

His career goal is to one day become a computer engineer. He hopes to someday “use computers to make a positive impact on the world.”

Matthew Butkevitch

The 2019 salutatorian is Matthew Butkevitch, the son of Peter and Theresa Butkevitch.


Butkevitch ranks second amongst his peers with an overall GPA of 96.6.

In his time at Gloversville High School, Butkevitch has found a true passion for engineering through his Project Lead the Way courses. He plans to attend Rochester Institute of Technology in the fall to study mechanical engineering technology. He is the recipient of the RIT Computing Medal, as well as the RIT Presidential Scholarship.

He has been a committed member of the varsity golf team, and has found time to volunteer cleaning up the Rail Trail and working in a local soup kitchen.

Noah Batease

Holding the third spot in the GHS class of 2019 is Noah Batease.


He is the son of Daniel and Sari Batease.

Batease has proven to be a strong leader among his peers as this year’s Gloversville Enlarged School District Student Board of Education member.

Additionally he has served as a member of the Key Club and The National Honor Society. In each of the aforementioned roles, Batease has offered insightful thoughts and suggestions to better our school and community. This fulfilled his goal to continuously seek opportunities to make meaningful connections with those around him.

Batease plans to attend Fulton-Montgomery Community College in the fall to continue his education. He is interested in pursuing a law degree to help “defend the defenseless.” It is his hope is to stand up for those who cannot find their own voice.

Isabelle Willis


Isabelle Willis, daughter of Roy and Cathy Willis, is graduating fourth in the class of 2019 at Gloversville High School. She has learned to master the balance of academics, employment and athletics.

Willis was a five-year member of the varsity swim team, has volunteered at an animal shelter, and participated in club swimming for five years.

On top of that, she managed to hold down a part-time job. Her academic honors include receiving the University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Award as a junior, as well as being an Academic Titan at GHS.

Willis will be attending the Paul Mitchell School in Schenectady this fall to pursue a career in cosmetology.

Sierra Roy


The fifth graduating senior of the class of 2019 is Sierra Roy.

Roy is the daughter of Paul and Rebecca Roy.

She has excelled in all academic areas during her four years at the Gloversville High School. She has participated in soccer, Key Club, and is a member of the National Honor Society.

As a junior, Roy received the RIT Computing Medal. Roy is also a part of the Gloversville High School’s prestigious Project Lead the Way program. Participation in this program led Roy to pursue a career as a residential architect.

In the fall, Roy will begin her studies at the State University of New York at Delhi, studying architecture design and building.

Asher Lopresti

Ranked sixth in the class of 2019 for Gloversville High School is Asher Lopresti.

He is the son of Santo Lopresti and Catherine Lopresti.

Lopresti is a three-sport athlete, competing on the soccer, track and tennis teams. He is also a member of our GHS MasterMinds team and a very active member of our Key Club. Throughout his high school career, Lopresti also earned the title of Academic Titan.

He will be attending the State University of New York at Buffalo in the fall to study biochemistry.

Emily Seyfried

Ranked seventh in the Gloversville High School class of 2019 is Emily Seyfried.

She is the daughter of Stephen and Sandra Seyfried.

Seyfried has earned the title of GHS Academic Titan consistently throughout her high school career and as a junior was the recipient of the Smith College Book Award.

In the fall, Seyfried will attend Siena College in Loudonville to pursue a degree in English.

Seyfried hopes to one day have a career as an author.

Nina Lomanto

Ranked eighth in the Gloversville High School class of 2019 is Nina Lomanto.

She is the daughter of John and Maria Lomanto.

Lomanto is a member of the National Honor Society, the Student Liaison Committee and was a Bridges Mentor for the freshman class. Additionally, she was a member of our GHS Key Club throughout her high school career, and was elected co-president her senior year.

She is also a dedicated member of her church where she is a Youth Minister.

Lomanto will be attending the Fulton-Montgomery Community College in the fall to continue her education.

After attending FMCC, she plans to transfer to the State University of New York at Delhi to pursue her career goal as an events planner.

Kayla Blanton

Ranked Number Nine of the Gloversville High School class of 2019 is Kayla Blanton.

She is the daughter of Jeffrey Blanton and Christina Novak.

As a junior she was the recipient of the St. Lawrence University Book Award.

Throughout her high school career, Blanton has dedicated her time to our community through her membership in the the National Honor Society, Winterguard and Key Club.

In addition to spending her time volunteering for our community, she also volunteers her spare time caring for animals in our local animal shelters. Volunteering at the local animal shelters has provided Blanton the ability to gain meaningful experiences working with animals. Through those experiences Blanton has decided that she would like to major in veterinary and animal science with the hopes of one day becoming a veterinarian.

She will pursue her career goal in the fall at St. Lawrence University.

Austin Oare

Graduating 10th in the GHS class of 2019 is Austin Oare.

He is the son of Jason Oare, Karen Blackwood and her fiance, Daniel Ambrosino.

Oare is an Executive Committee Member of National Honor Society, president of the Key Club and is a Bridges Mentor to the freshman class.

Throughout his high school career he has participated in athletics as a member of cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track.

Additionally, he has been very active in school volunteering opportunities such as Toys for Tots and wrapping presents during the holiday season.

Oare will be attending the The University of Buffalo in the fall to study biology and pre-med.