Fulton County auction brings in $360K above back taxes owed

JOHNSTOWN — Fulton County government’s annual property auction of tax-delinquent properties June 19 cleared more than $360,000 above the back taxes owed, according to results made public.

County Administrative Officer Jon Stead on Thursday released the results of the auction run by Pleasant Valley-based NYSAuctions.com last month at the Holiday Inn.

Fulton County did very well on the auction, officials said.

“The towns’ properties did better than some years,” Stead said.

Fulton County tries to hold at least one large auction of county-owned, tax-delinquent properties every year in June at one public site, although the county has also conducted online auctions. Properties are taken by the county through tax foreclosure.

Auction results indicate the towns’ properties cleared $349,572 above the back taxes owed. The city of Gloversville’s properties netted $12,263 above the delinquencies. The final tally was about $361,786 extra gained from the Fulton County property auction, one of the biggest gains ever. Stead said some miscellaneous costs that cut into the net amount.

“There’s other expenses that go into advertising,” Stead said.

He said the property auctions in recent years have involved less properties, but “better” properties available to the public.

This year’s auction involved about 80 properties sold. Property auctions in Fulton County typically include a wide variety of lots, acreage, camps, homes, and commercial properties.

All the auction bidders were required to register and provide suitable identification prior to the auction.

The Fulton County Board of Supervisors on Monday took action on a resolution related to the auction. The board authorized the sale of certain county-owned properties not meeting the set minimum price at the auction.

The board’s Finance Committee recently reviewed a list of bids not meeting the minimum and “determined it would be in the county’s best interest to accept bids below the minimum on certain parcels in order to place them back on the active tax rolls,” the resolution said.

Thirteen properties were authorized for sale not meeting the minimum. They included seven from the city of Gloversville, three from the town of Johnstown, two from the town of Oppenheim, and one from the town of Stratford. Bids for the properties accepted totalled about $47,200.

“Do any of these people have any violations on any properties they own?” asked Gloversville 2nd Ward Supervisor Frank Lauria Jr.

Stead responded there were no previous violations.

But Stead also noted for the 13 properties didn’t represent all the underbids. He said five are left, properties Gloversville might be interested in purchasing.

Michael Anich covers Johnstown and Fulton County news. He can be reached at manich@leaderherald.com.


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