Crime initiative leads to arrests

Multi-agency initiative over one day results in drug charges

GLOVERSVILLE — Another multi-agency crime prevention initiative carried out in the city last week resulted in several drug related arrests, according to a police press release.

The Gloversville Police Department participated in a crime prevention initiative in the city on Thursday with assistance from the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office and the Fulton County National Guard Counter Drug Analyst.

Over the course of the single day initiative multiple subjects were taken into custody for drug related offenses and a number of traffic stops were conducted that resulted in the seizure of 39.4 grams of cocaine and 116.3 grams of marijuana and led to several arrests related to controlled substances.

Additional information on the specific arrests will be released in the coming days, according to a press release from Police Chief Marc Porter.

A number of crime prevention initiatives involving multiple police and other law enforcement agencies have been carried out in the city over the last year described by Porter as attempts to “combat illegal activity and improve public safety,” in releases corresponding to the operations, “with an emphasis on targeting the criminal element.”

The initiatives are not publicly announced until after their completion to avoid alerting the public to the increased police presence in the city.

During the operations enhanced surveillance and patrols are focused on identified “hot spots” or locations that are the most prone to criminal activity including narcotics trafficking and violence in an effort to apprehend or deter the involved individuals.

Each initiative involves the use of law enforcement technologies to record related data and to gather criminal intelligence for ongoing evaluation by analysts. This information may also be used to help direct resources towards future prevention initiatives.

In the release on Thursday’s operation, Porter thanked participating agencies for their cooperation and support, as well as residents who shared tips and information on suspected illegal activity.

“The Gloversville Police Department continues to be proactive with combating crime, remains committed to public safety and is dedicated to carrying out our mission in a professional, efficient manner, which often involved sharing information and resources with other law enforcement agencies to achieve our goals,” Porter stated.


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