Dolgeville school budget doesn’t pass

DOLGEVILLE — Voters in the Dolgeville Central School District rejected the district’s revised proposed budget of $19 million for the 2019-20 school year.

Although there were 358 yes votes and 306 no votes, they did not meet the supermajority of 60 percent needed to pass the proposed budget which included a 5.99 percent tax levy increase.

“We are very disappointed that the budget didn’t go though,” said Superintendent Lynn Rhone. “We are looking forward to the new school year to rebuild with programs just as rigorous as this school year.”

The school district went to a revote on Tuesday after the proposed budget which included a 11 percent tax levy increase was defeated in May.

Since the budget was defeated both times, the school district will now go to a contingency budget of $18.8 million with no tax levy increase. To avoid making any additional cuts, Rhone said the district will use $200,000 out of the fund balance.

The school district is facing a $2.6 million deficit. According to a newsletter, in order to continue to offer programs to support students, the school would have to make staff cuts, eliminate the pre-kindergarten program and decrease the number of electives offered to students. There would also be minor cuts made to sports programs by reducing some coaching positions as well as reducing some chaperone and maintenance costs.