Town hires code person

GLEN — The town during its regular meeting on Monday appointed a new code enforcement officer who immediately began work for the position on Friday.

Appointed as the new code enforcer is Thomas DiCaprio who has been a state certified code enforcer since 2000. He has been the code enforcer for the town of Amsterdam since 2000 and the code enforcer for Fort Johnson since 2002.

“He was on the job starting this past Friday,” said town of Glen Supervisor John Thomas. “He’s making rounds and he’s working [on] the active permits.”

Thomas said the town did reduce the pay for the position from $15,000 a year to $12,000 a year and DiCaprio will be under a 90-day probation.

The appointment of DiCaprio comes after the resignation of Grant Egelston who resigned at the start of May.

Egelston’s resignation was effective May 4. While he was the town of Glen code enforcer, he is also code enforcer for the City of Amsterdam, town of Mohawk and village of Fultonville. Thomas said Egelston’s resignation was due to his workload of being a code enforcer for four municipalities.

“So two weeks ago I found out Grant was jumping ship and I immediately posted the position and I ran an ad in the Recorder for a week,” Thomas said. “We had a single individual respond to the advertisement. He is code enforcement officer for the town of Amsterdam, has been since January 2000. He’s also code enforcer for the village of Fort Johnson since 2002. He is state certified since 2000 and has a significant code enforcement background.”

Thomas said DiCaprio came in on Friday and took everything that was on Egelston’s desk and did some house calls that day.

He said he would like to have a more proactive code enforcement officer for the town.

“We do have a couple of other problems that we need to get turned over to him,” Thomas said.

One of those issues is with a mobile home on Route 161. Thomas said the current residents are living in the home without a certificate of occupancy nor a building permit.

Thomas said DiCaprio will be at the next board meeting in June.