Parking in road along parade route off-limits

GLOVERSVILLE — On Monday, members of the Gloversville Police Department will be assisting with the ceremonies and operations associated with the 2019 Memorial Day Parade, according to a news release. The parade will start at 9:30 a.m. To ensure the parade route is safe and clear, members of the Gloversville Police Department will begin posting emergency no parking signs along the parade route early Monday morning.

The parade route starts at North Main Street and East Eighth Avenue. The parade will travel south and turn left on Sixth Avenue. The parade will continue on Sixth Avenue to Kingsboro Avenue, making a right on Kingsboro Avenue. The parade will continue traveling south on Kingsboro Avenue to East Fulton Street, ending at the Prospect Hill Cemetery. Once the route is posted with no parking signs, members of the police department will begin clearing any remaining vehicles along the route prior to the start of the parade.

Although this may be an inconvenience, it is essential to a safe and successful event. Public safety is the police department’s top priority, the release said.

“With your support we look forward to a successful event for many people to safely enjoy,” said Chief Marc Porter in the release. “On behalf of the Gloversville Police Department, I thank each of you in advance for your understanding and support.”